An electric oven is an indispensable appliance in the kitchen, as it can be used to prepare a large number of recipes, both for daily use and special occasions.

All kitchen appliances require maintenance; however, the cleaning process has become a difficult task for many people, who think that they only need to wash the "waste collection tray" located at the bottom, causing an accumulation of fat on the walls and at the bottom of the oven.

With these problems in mind, we will show you five easy steps to cleaning and maintaining French Door Ovens, guaranteeing its performance and appearance in the long run.

  1. Add 100 ml of water, 50 grams of baking soda, and 100 ml of vinegar in a deep container. Mix it until you get a homogeneous solution.
  2. Apply with a scrubbing sponge this solution to the bottom of the oven.
  3. Put the deep container with the rest of the solution you had prepared inside the oven, and turn on at 100° for 45 minutes.
  4. Carefully remove the container with the solution, and apply the rest with a sponge in a circular motion on all the oven-walls.
  5. Stir the solution with a damp cloth, and you will see the final result of your cleaning, a bright and grease-free oven. Be sure to do this cleaning process with the different utensils inside the oven.


  1. It is necessary to carry out this maintenance procedure after using the oven, to avoid the accumulation of grease residues on the walls of the oven, which produce bad smells, and can make our meals taste bad.
  2. Do not use wire sponges to clean walls or resistors, as they can scratch the enamel or the surface of the resistor.
  3. Avoid aluminum foil on the bottom of the tray, as it can cause damage to the surface. To replace it, we suggest using an oven paper.

CAFE CTD90FP2MS1 Matte Collection Series

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This is an innovative model of french door oven, with a silver color, which by its characteristics, is considered to be a professional oven.


This oven can cook several recipes simultaneously, which is considered an advantage to save time and energy. Each chamber has a space of 5 sq. Ft.

The CAFE CTD90FP2MS1 has a smart system that can be controlled remotely through intelligent devices connected to its Wi-Fi network, which uses different applications, such as Nest, Drop, Innit, and DiGiorno.

This appliance has a European convection heater with direct air, which circulates heat efficiently from top to bottom at a variable speed, allowing to cook meals uniformly.

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