The oven is a device that generates heat and keeps it inside a compartment, which is used to roast, heat, grill food, etc. French door ovens are the latest devices created to facilitate these tasks in the kitchen.

Ovens have evolved over the years, and the energy needed to power them has also been changing, from the first ovens that used wood combustion, to the electric ones that are the most used today.

Types of ovens

Wood-burning ovens

This type of oven is lit with wooden trunks, is not very used nowadays, although some establishments bet on it, since it can give a unique flavor to the food.

Gas Combustion Ovens

This type of ovens is fueled with natural gas, which is usually an advantage in some places where it is easy to get but is somewhat complicated to obtain in locations where excessive consumption of this fuel is expensive or restricted.

Electric ovens

This is one of the most used types of ovens, both for its easy use and the fact that it is very handy; you have to plug it into the electric current to have a full-powered oven.

The dream of many people is to reform their kitchen and turn it into a pleasant, modern and elegant space, and still many people have a doubt about to buy or not, a french door oven.

6 reasons why you should buy a French Door Oven


These ovens have an innovative style thanks to the particular system of opening doors, which works easily and comfortably because you can open both doors simultaneously with just one hand.

Besides, some of these ovens are digital and have internal lighting, which allows you to observe the entire cooking process of the food without open the doors.


This type of ovens works with different temperatures, depending on the brand and design, which can vary from 90º to 450ºF, making it easier to cook different kinds of food.


The space inside these ovens can vary from about 32 to 42 liters. Usually, these models can double their capacity and comes with two grids designed to cook two recipes at the same time.

4.Power and Energy consumption efficiency:

The power of these ovens can vary from 250W to 1500W, making an efficient operational process with less electrical consumption, saving you time and energy consumption.


These ovens can roast, toast, defrost, dehydrate, and cook by turbo convection, which allows you to cook or brown food faster and more evenly.

6.Operational time

These devices perform the cooking process in approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Some of these ovens have an intelligent automatic shutdown system, which prevents the device from overheating and the food from exceeding the necessary cooking time.

If you feel interested in buying a french door oven for the reasons explained in this article, we invite you to check the different models available in the market through our website.