Our review of the American Range AROFG30N 30 inch single French door gas wall oven will show you the best features of this appliance. These are features that make the unit worth buying. Also, the capabilities of this appliance rank it among devices that are ideal for cooking for a large family, small party, and other gatherings.

On the other hand, American Range is one of the best French door wall oven manufacturers. As such, an oven from this company can give you excellent value for your money. Other French door ovens are the GE Monogram 30" Wall Oven wifi Connect ZET9050SHSS and Cafe CTD90FP2MS1 Matte Collection Series. Here's what the AROFG30N offers.

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#1. Design

The American Range AROFG30N is a 30 Inch single French door gas wall oven. Accordingly, it sports a large size and will have to be installed in a cabinet, given that it's a wall oven. This unit's French door design enables you to open its doors using one hand. Therefore, you can hold and place food with one hand, while opening and closing the oven's door with the other hand.

This oven has a capacity of 4.7 cu. ft. The oven's cavity is a large one and can hold lots of food at a time. Therefore, you'll get to place large-sized portions, thereby helping you to cook faster. What's more, you get two cooking racks, and the oven's interior can support a full-size commercial sheet pan.

Over and above that, there are blue LED lights on the oven's exterior. These lights indicate the flame and oven functions. It'll also interest you to know that this oven is made from commercial grade stainless steel, and it has a welded control panel. Its die-cast metal black satin knobs with chrome bezels also give it a stylish look.

#2. Versatility

Different types of foods can be prepared on the American Range AROFG30N. You can make French fries, roasted chicken, pork chops, etc. thanks to the multi-functions of this oven. These functions include standard bake, infrared broil, Innovection convection bake, and fan mode.

What's more, you get uniform cooking temperatures and quick preheat times thanks to the unit's 30,000 BTU Bake Burner. There's an Inconel Banquet broiler, which offers rapid searing at 1,800°F using 18,000 BTUs. On the other hand, the total gas connection rating of this appliance is 48,000 BTU. And the cooking temperature of the machine can be regulated between 200°F to 500°F.

#3. Maintenance

The AROFG30N does not come with a self-clean option. And that means you have to clean its interior manually after every use. It's essential to clear the grease and other debris that may be left in its interior using mild soap and water. The latter is to ensure the long lifespan of your appliance. For more ways to how to maintain this unit, check out our tips on how to clean your French door ovens.

#4. Price and Reviews

The price of the American Range AROFG30N 30 inch single French door gas wall oven is $4,699. It's less costly than devices like the American-Range Legacy Series AROFSG230L and the Viking 30 VDOF730 French door oven. Therefore, if you'll like to pay less for a French door oven, it'll be worth giving the AROFG30N great thought.

On the other hand, the reviews of previous buyers of this oven show that this is an oven that is easy to use. The latter has been tied to its simple design. It was also noted that the gas oven had been solidly built to stand the test of time.

Buy Now: B002QL9NMW Buy Now: B002QL9NMW


The American Range AROFG30N 30 Inch single French door gas wall oven is a quality appliance that should be a part of your home. It comes with multi-functions, large capacity, durable build, and it is also offered at a reasonable price. Therefore, here's a unit to buy to cook faster and more efficiently.