Here's a review of the Bosch HBLP451LUC: 30" Single Wall Oven Left Swing Door Benchmark Series - Stainless Steel. Our review will reveal the selling points of this wall oven and what makes it a must buy. Also, the oven is from Bosch, a German technology company reputable for its household appliances and power tools.

We'd previously reviewed the Viking 30 double electric French-door oven and Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 smart French door double oven. Hence, you can also check out these units. That aside, here's what the Bosch HBLP451LUC offers.

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The Bosch HBLP451LUC is a wall oven that is mounted inside a cabinet, installed below a cook top, or under the counter. Hence, it does not have to be stationed on your countertop. It'll allow you to use the free space instead of cluttering your counter with one more appliance. Also, this device features a side-opening door to give you easier access to the oven's cavity.

The appliance's capacity is  4.6 cu. ft, which makes it an oven with a large capacity. It features multiple racks to enable you to cook more food at a time. In line with that, the unit's body is made of stainless steel. It'll tend not to degrade within a short time. Therefore, you'll be getting your money's worth for a long time.

Further, there is color TFT touch control with steel touch buttons on this machine. The buttons make for easier operation of the oven. The HD color TFT display provides text and images that can be read in the best clarity. With this screen, you'll get to see information pertaining to the cycle status and when a refill of the rinse aid is needed.


There's a wide range of foods to cook with the Bosch HBLP451LUC. The reason is, this unit comes with 14 specialized cooking modes. Some of these modes include pizza, warm, pie, proof dough, sabbath, convection roast, convection broil, etc.

What's more, the cooking temperature of this unit ranges between 100° - 450°F. Therefore, you have full control to regulate how hot it cooks. There's also a timer with cook time and delay start function. Either of this ensures your food does not overcook, even while you're handling other tasks.


The Bosch HBLP451LUC relies on Genuine European Convection for even baking. There's also its Advanced Circulation System (ACS). The ACS enables the even cooking of food, and faster. This cooking can be done 30% less time and as such, you can be in and out of the kitchen in no time.

There's also a third heating element around the convection fan. It helps to spread preheated air around the oven. In line with that, this unit preheats fast, which reduces how long you'll have to wait to get it ready. The installation requirements for this unit are as follows, Watts: 6,325 Watts, Current: 30 Amps, Volts: 240/208 Volts, and Frequency: 60 Hz. The unit relies on electricity to be powered,


This appliance cleans by itself given that it features an EcoClean 2-hour self-clean cycle. This allows the unit to save you from cleaning the oven’s cavity manually. As such, you can spend less time cleaning after cooking. Its EcoChef Mode ensures that the remaining heat in the oven's cavity completes the cooking process.

Price and Reviews

The Bosch HBLP451LUC sells for $3,199. And customers who purchased it noted that the appliance does a great job at baking and roasting. They also noted that it is a durable unit given that it was still functional after a year's use. Nonetheless, it was noted that the glass on the door may get dirty as a result of fumes.

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The Bosch HBLP451LUC: 30" Single Wall Oven Left Swing Door Benchmark Series - Stainless Steel review above is an insight into the benefits you stand to gain from using this appliance. It has been built to last thanks to its stainless steel design while enabling you to cook and clean more easily.