Heard of the Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 smart French door double oven and wondering if it's worth your hard-earned money? Let's clear any doubts you may have. If you're trying out French door ovens for the first time, prepare to the wowed. If not for the aesthetic appeal of these units, then for their features.

Here's what we mean: French door ovens do not have the up and down closure notable in conventional ovens. Instead, they spot a sideways closing and opening, which is unique. Much more, these are the type of ovens you'll see in movies or even top restaurants. Now let's go back to why you're here and show you the remarkable features of the Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 smart French door double oven.

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The Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 can easily be differentiated from regular ovens thanks to its French door design. This design allows you to open both doors using one hand, and do so with ease. Besides, you also get to see what's cooking or the progress of cooked meals even without opening these doors. The latter can be attributed to the progressive halogen oven lighting of this machine.

Furthermore, it should not come as a surprise that this is a wall oven. Hence, it'll have to be mounted instead of being placed on the countertop. This means if you don't have free space on your counter or would rather not have an extra machine lying on it, here's an oven to opt for. The manufacturer of this oven also says the unit has been designed to be a perfect fit, to aid in their easy installation or replacement.


It's possible to cook whatever you can think of using this appliance. Here's why: This device has been revamped with a technology that enables it to make a variety of foods. It also comes with seven cooking modes. These modes are convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, convection bake multi-rack, crisp broil, thermal bake, and thermal broil.

Accordingly, you'll make crispy flat breads, fried chicken, tender turkey, golden cookies, and so much more. What's even better is the well-cooked meal you'll get after the usage of this unit. It cooks fast and therefore saves you time while in the kitchen.


While you have a nicely designed unit that looks appealing, it's better to deliver the operation it promises. Accordingly, the CTS90FP2MS1 features a True European Convection system with Direct Air. This system takes advantage of a variable speed fan to circulate heat around the food.

The unit takes it one step further to enable you to control its operation right from your smartphone, thanks to its WiFi support. That being the case, you can preheat, set its cooking timer, change the cooking temperature, amongst other things. All of these are made possible with an application on your smartphone. In line with that, it's compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And other connectivity capabilities include DiGiorno, Drop, IFTTT, Innit, and Nest.


The oven cleaning type employed by this unit is the self-clean with a steam-clean option. The self-clean employs high temperatures to turn food residue into ashes, and as such, they'll tend not to stick to your unit. The steam clean uses heat to cleanse the unit from minor food spills. Hence, your unit will be clean for a long time. It generally means you don't have to manually try to take off the grease that may be left behind after cooking.

Consequently, it is more convenient and saves time. Over and above that, this unit comes with several accessories. These kits are labeled CXWSFHKPMBT Brushed Black, CXWSFHKPMBZ Brushed Bronze, and CXWSFHKPMCU Brushed Copper.


The Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 smart French door double oven sells for $8,499. There's a limited 1-year entire appliance warranty on this device. Hence, you'll do well to contact it's manufacturer if it breaks down before the guaranteed period.

Buy Now: B07YL7XQB3 Buy Now: B07YL7XQB3


The Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 smart French door double oven review above shows that this is a quality unit for your home or business. It has been built to offer quick cooking and cleaning and improve the foods you can cook. Therefore, take the bold step and buy this machine today.