The Cafe Professional Series 30" Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven (CTD90FP4NW2) is one more cooking appliance from GE, an American multinational conglomerate. It has an appealing design, performs quite well, and will help you cook quickly without bending your back to complete the chore.

There's the GE Cafe CT9070SHSS, Cafe CTD90FP2MS1 Matte Collection Series, and the Cafe CTS90FP2MS1, all sporting a French door design. And these are also excellent units to consider if you're bent on finding an oven that can meet your need for crispy food. But if you're out to get the CTD90FP4NW2, let's show you what it offers.

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The Cafe Professional Series 30" Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven adopts a fancy design where you open both oven doors with one hand. Therefore, you can handle your food with one hand while accessing the oven's cavity. It'll also be faster to place your food.

Also, this machine has a ten cubic foot capacity (5 cu.ft for lower and upper capacity, respectively), which makes it a large unit. It'll be able to cook large quantities of food at a time, especially when consideration is given to its four oven racks. It'll result in you being able to work faster while spending less time in the kitchen. It also means you can use this appliance for cooking for a small party or a large family.


This oven features a True European Convection with Direct Air technology. The unit's manufacturer says this technology allows heated air to be channeled from the oven's top. And the air is spread around the food to cover all the sides. In accordance, your food comes out perfectly cooked, whether you're baking or roasting.

What's more, this is a smart system, given its high-level operation. It's able to track the cooking progress, adjust cook times, and modify the cooking temperature automatically. Therefore, your food won't get overcooked or burnt, especially when you're focused on other tasks. Coupled with that, here's a unit that is WiFi-enabled. It also connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Hence, you can use your voice to control the unit using your voice.


You can bake, roast, and even air fry using this oven. This means you'll easily prepare chicken, turkey, and other foods with the CTD90FP4NW2. When it comes to the air fryer, there's no need to cook your food with oil. The reason is, this unit will circulate the hot air around food evenly. Therefore, you'll get meals that are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Over and above that, here's a list of the cooking modes on the CTD90FP4NW2: convection bake, convection bake multi-rack, convection broil hi/lo, and convection roast. Others are dehydrated, hot-air frying, precision cooking modes, proof, thermal bake, thermal broil Hi/Lo, and warming.


It gets easier to clean even the most stubborn dirt from your oven after cooking. You don't also have to do this cleaning yourself since the appliance will help you out. It comes with a self-clean with steam clean that uses heat to remove left behind debris in the unit. It also cleans the oven's cavity after cooking.

That said, it takes most of the cleaning tasks out of your hands, and you can be out of the kitchen in no time. And from time to time, you can use a clean cloth to wipe off the unit's exterior in a bid to remove any grease or dirt that may have been left on it. If that sounds good, here's a unit you need to own.

Price and Reviews

The Cafe Professional Series 30" Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven's price is $5,892. According to previous buyers of this unit, its display panel is easy to navigate. Others noted that the unit has a modern design and it performs remarkably well. They also opined that it comes with a WiFi feature, which makes it exceptional.

Buy Now: B084QDBYKH Buy Now: B084QDBYKH


A great French door oven can do a lot for you, and the same can be said about the Cafe Professional Series 30" Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven. It's well-designed with high-end features and comes with the promise of great value for your money.