Here's a comparison between French door oven vs pull-down oven. Either of these is a great unit; however, you need to settle for one that meets your needs and is in your budget. Also, such a unit should allow you to cook more quickly and conveniently. When that happens, cooking will be an enjoyable activity instead of one more chore.

On the other hand, it's worth noting that these are wall ovens. And it may interest you to know the top reasons why wall ovens are expensive. You may also be in the market to buy hot new products for your kitchen; therefore, check out our review of what's trending. Now let's throw more light on the French door and pull down ovens by comparing them side-by-side.

What are French Door Ovens?

French door ovens are cooking units that have doors that can be opened single-handedly. This modern design allows you to hold food in one hand and use the other hand to open the oven. The oven's doors also open in the middle instead of the top, which allows you to stand closer to the machine while placing and removing items.

What's more, French door ovens were inspired by French door refrigerators that are known to be intelligent and aesthetically appealing. This design is currently in trend, which comes as no surprise given that the top oven designers are also making new ovens with this build. You can check our review of the best French door wall oven manufacturers to see an ideal brand to settle with.

On the other hand, French door ovens come with high-end features. Some of these units feature a self-clean mode to eliminate food stains and grease left within their cavity. There are also easy steps to clean your French door ovens, and it'll be useful to learn how to maintain your unit.

Best French Door Ovens

Some of the best French door ovens include the American-Range Legacy Series 30 In. Stainless steel gas wall oven AROFSG230L. The oven's capacity is 4.7 Cu. Ft. large enough to help you cook faster. It also comes with various functions, including convection bake, standard bake, infrared broil, and fan mode. It'll cost you around $10,299 to purchase the AROFSG230L.

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Another unit that may pique your interest is the GE Monogram ZET9050SHSS. It sports a capacity of 5.0 cu. ft, which makes it one of the largest ovens out there. This appliance relies on true European convection with direct air to cook food evenly and quickly. For its features, the oven is offered at $5,000. Here's a more detailed review of this appliance.


What are Pull Down Ovens?

Pull-down or drop-down ovens answer to their name by allowing you to access the oven's cavity by dropping the unit's door. As such, these ovens adopt the traditional design featured by most ovens. Compared to French door ovens, they are considerably cheaper and are made to handle the regular cooking activity.

Unlike French door ovens that can be cleaned automatically, thanks to the unit's self-clean technology, some pull-down ovens need to be cleaned manually. Hence, you'll have to get rid of grease and other stains on the unit by yourself after each use. Some components of this oven can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

Best Pull Down Ovens

If you're looking to buy one of the best pull down ovens, one that is a great pick is the Empava 36" Slide-In Single Oven. The machine features an extra-large 3.9 cu. ft. cooking capacity. It also comes with halogen oven lights that allow you to see your food while it's cooking without opening the door. The cost of this unit is $1,999.99.

To take it one step further, you can also check out the Cuisinart TOB-200N Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven. You'll find twelve cooking functions, including rotisserie on this unit. The latter enables you to roast a whole chicken within the machine's interior. You also get an appliance whose capacity is 0.8 cubic-foot capacity. It can support 12" pizza and six slices of bread. The price of this oven is $228.


Comparing the French door oven vs pull-down oven, you'll agree that these are units that offer great value for your money. The French door ovens are stylish, have more functionality, and are pricier. Pull-down ovens, on the other hand, can meet your basic cooking needs while helping you to settle for an inexpensive unit. Therefore, choose an appliance that meets your budget and cooking needs.