Let's compare the GE Cafe CT9070SHSS vs Cafe Professional Series CTD90FP4NW2 to show you what sets each unit aside. Likewise, what makes them similar and whether each is a fierce competitor to the other. Our comparison will ensure you settle for the best unit based on your budget. We'd reviewed each of these appliances individually; hence you can check the GE Cafe CT9070SHSS and CTD90FP4NW2 full features.

On the other hand, it's worth pointing out that these are both French door ovens. The latter are cooking units whose two doors can be opened with one hand. As a consequence, you're able to access the oven's interior with one hand while placing your food into its rack, with the other side. With that in mind, walk with let's show you the GE Cafe vs Cafe Professional Series.

Cafe Professional Series 30" Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven

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GE Cafe CT9070SHSS 30" Single French Door Electric Wall Oven with Self-Clean in Stainless Steel

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The GE Cafe CT9070SHSS 30" Single French Door Electric Wall Oven features a French door design. As such, it's pretty easy to access the oven's cavity. There's also a glass touch display and electronic dials on this unit to make it easy to operate. It's progressive halogen lighting also makes it easy to see how your food is cooking without bringing it out. And you get a 5.0 cu. ft. oven capacity to support large quantities of food at a time.

Similarly, the Café™ Professional Series 30" Smart Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven is a French door oven. You're also able to navigate the oven settings thanks to a brilliant full-color display on this appliance. But unlike the Cafe CT9070SHSS 30", you get a 5.0 cu. ft. capacity oven, which means you'll be able to cook more food in its interior.


So, what can you prepare with the Cafe CT9070SHSS or the Café™ Professional Series? Quite a lot. For instance, the Cafe CT9070SHSS offers several cooking modes, including Convection Bake, Convection Bake Multi-Rack, Convection Roast, Convection Broil, Crisp Broil, Thermal Bake, and Thermal Broil. Therefore, there's a wide range of food to prepare.

Coupled with that, the Café Professional Series allows you to bake, roast, broil, and so much more. This means that with either of these units, you'll be able to roast chicken and turkey, bake cakes, and pizzas, as with several other foods. It's now left for you to decide what best to make using this appliance.


GE has ensured that whether you opt for the Cafe CT9070SHSS or the Cafe CTD90FP4NW2, it'll be quite easy to maintain. This is because these units feature self-clean with a clean steam option. Therefore, the oven will cleanse itself after every use to free you of the need to do so. The Cafe CT9070SHSS has a self-clean heavy-duty roller rack, that can glide into the oven smoothly. Food stuck within this component will be easy to clean.


The operation of the Cafe CT9070SHSS can be time to its True European Convection with Direct Air technology. The latter helps the unit to cook foods evenly by circulating warm air from the top and around the bake ware.

In the same vein, the CTD90FP4NW2 adopts a True European Convection with Direct Air cooking system. The unit also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nest, amongst other smart features. Hence, you'll be able to control its operation using your voice.

Price and Reviews

The Cafe CT9070SHSS is $4,149, whereas the Cafe Professional Series sells for $6,549. The Cafe Professional Series is the more expensive variant of the two.

What's more, previous buyers of the Cafe CT9070SHSS said it is one of the most outstanding ovens on the market. It's excellent to broil and bake with the oven, and there is no jerking when the racks are removed. Customers who purchased the Cafe Professional Series noted that the machine's display panel is easy to navigate. And its ability to work you through cooking makes it even easier to operate.


Your need for a French-door wall oven can be met by settling for either the GE Cafe CT9070SHSS or Cafe Professional Series. These are units that will improve your productivity in the kitchen. They are both easy to operate and have been built with high-end features. The major difference lies in their capacity and price. Hence, choose a unit that can support your budget and cooking plan.