There's a simple way on how to clean the Viking French door oven. Hence, if you have a unit from this top brand, let's show you how to maintain it. Cleaning your unit properly will enable it to operate at its best. It gets better since it's easy to clean the Viking French door oven's internal and external parts.

On the other hand, French door ovens are unique appliances to have in your home. Some great ones to buy are the American Range AROFG30N 30 Inch Single French Door Gas Wall Oven, GE Monogram 30" Wall Oven wifi Connect ZET9050SHSS, and GE JK3500SFSS Double Wall Oven. They are great choices to consider. Here's a list of steps that will help you to clean your Viking French door oven.

Clean the Oven Knobs

The Viking French door oven comes with removable knobs. And that means that you can take them off to clean appropriately. In this case, do not immerse the knob in water but use hot soapy water and a soft cloth to clean them. It's also important to try not to use abrasive cleaners or products with an ammonia base to clean these knobs. These cleaners can wear off the paint, thereby losing its look.

Clean the Oven Racks

The Viking French door oven racks can be cleaned to keep your food smelling fresh. The rack may have leftover food or food stains, and either of these has to be rid of. Therefore, use hot soapy water to clean the racks, as well, as the rack supports. And if there are stubborn debris on the unit, proceed to soak the unit in water to eliminate the dirt.

Clean the Oven's Exterior

It is essential to clean the Viking French door oven stainless steel exterior to get rid of the stains on it. You get to touch the unit with stained hands, and dust may have accumulated on it. Thus, use warm soapy water with a soft cloth to get rid of the grease that may have been left behind. Also, please pay attention to the doors and handles, and give them a thorough clean. Once you're through, it's essential to wipe the unit dry using a microfiber cloth.

On the other hand, the exterior part can be wiped immediately with a soft cloth if there are acidic splashes. Wiping off the splashes will prevent staining. On the other hand, you can use a stainless steel cleaner and polish to get rid of stains on the unit.

Clean the Oven's Interior

The Viking French door oven's interior also needs to be cleaned. The way you clean the unit's interior depends if it is a self-cleaning or non-self-cleaning model.

If you own a self-cleaning model, do the following:

Bring out your Viking manual and go through the instructions the manufacturer has specified for cleaning the unit. Here, the oven will use high temperatures to break down stains on it. Also, it is important to remove the oven's racks even before you begin cleaning to ensure they do not get damaged during the process. Do not also clean the infrared broiler, whether it's a mild soap and water.

If you have non-self-cleaning models, do the following:

  • Take out the oven's glide racks and let the standard rack remain within its build.
  • Place two cups of filtered water into the broiler pan and place the pan on the standard rack
  • Regulate the oven to its Bake function and let the temperate be 225 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Regulate the Cook time to 20 minutes and close the unit's doors.
  • Let the oven clean by itself without opening its doors within that time.
  • After the beep of the timer, turn off the oven function and temperature
  • Bring out the broiler pan from the oven
  • Wipe its interior using a soft cloth
  • Any leftover stains can be eliminated using a scouring pad or nylon scrubbing kitchen tool.
  • Wipe the unit completely cloth using a soft cloth.


These are the simple steps on how to clean the Viking french door oven. Try them to maintain the sleek look of your quality French door oven. It'll stand the test of time and keep your food smelling fresh.