The Viking 7 Series VSOF730 French door oven is an appliance that enables you to open both doors at the same time, using one hand. Asides from this impressive design, this unit offers several high-end features that make it a must buy. Therefore, if you're in the market to get one of the best French door ovens, the VSOF730 is an excellent choice.

But we'll take it one step further to grow your confidence in this unit's functionality by showing you what it offers. Its build, design, technology, and versatility, among others, give it an edge in the competition with other units. Accordingly, here's a review of the Viking 7 Series VSOF730 French door oven features.

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The first thing you'll notice about the Viking 7 Series VSOF730 is its stainless steel color with a touch of black. There are other colors to settle for, and these colors are not limited to White, Apple Red, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy, etc. Another feature is the machine's French door design. The latter allows you to place or take out your food while opening both doors with one hand. Therefore, you'll be cooking with an oven that is an enhancement from the traditional design.

Also, this unit has a large capacity of 4.7 cu. ft. Therefore, its cavity is large enough to cook large portions. Thus, you can throw a party, get together, and other events, while planning to entertain your guests with meals prepared using this appliance. There is also the CoolLit™ LED Lights on the device, and the light turns on to indicate that the VSOF730 is on.


The VSOF730 adopts a TruConvec™ Convection Cooking technology, and it's the same tech used by a good number of Viking convection ovens. This technology employs a convention element in the oven's rear and fan-forced air. However, there is no direct heat from the top or bottom of the unit.

There is also a Gourmet-Glo™ Infrared Broiler that helps lock the juices in certain foods, including meat, fish, etc. This is made possible by the broiler's intense heat. A Rapid Ready™ Preheat System also speeds up how fast the oven is ready for use. As such, you can start cooking in no time without waiting too long.


If you've come up with a great idea of what to cook next, you can make it using this appliance. The ability to prepare just any recipe can be tied to its support for up to 11 modes. These cooking modes include two-element bake, convection broil, convection roast, and convection bake. Other cooking modes are TruConvec™ Convection Cook, hi broil, medium broil, convection dehydrate, convection defrost, low broil, and proof.

A wide range of cooking modes ensures there's no limit to the kinds of foods you can prepare using this appliance. Some bake recipes to try include Balsamic chicken bake, Oven-baked mushroom risotto, Layered vegetable bake, Chicken and cheese pasta bake, and 30-minute chicken parmigiana bake.


This appliance is easy to clean up thanks to its steam clean. The steam clean is ideal for light and medium cleaning, hence you do not always have to clean the unit manually. And if you choose to maintain these parts yourself, it'll be useful to clean it immediately after each use.

Price and Reviews:

The Viking 7 Series VSOF730 French Door Oven's price is $5,900. Compared to other French door ovens like the Cafe CTS90FP2MS1 smart French door double oven, this appliance is cheaper. It is, however, in the same price range as the Cafe Professional Series 30" CTD90FP4NW2. Customers who purchased the VSOF730 noted that the unit is easy to use and it cooks well.

Buy Now: B0180QLRUC Buy Now: B0180QLRUC


The Viking 7 Series VSOF730 French Door Oven is a great unit to consider in your quest to find the best French door ovens. This unit comes with a large capacity, high-end technology, and a promise of exceptional performance.