Here's the Viking 30 double electric French-door oven (VDOF730) review to show you what this unit offers. An outline of its features helps you decide if you're better off buying this professionally designed oven or choosing a competitor in its range. You'll roast, bake, defrost, dehydrate, and broil right from this appliance.

On the other hand, French-door ovens are fantastic appliances. They bring the cooking experience of a five-star restaurant into your home. These are units whose doors open by sliding sideways instead of the traditional method of moving up and down. They are also available as wall ovens. As such, you'll have to mount the units instead of placing them on the counter. With that in mind, here's a review of the Viking 30 double electric French-door oven.

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The Viking 30 double electric French-door oven is a large capacity (4.7 cu. ft) wall oven. Thus, it can be used to cook large portions at a time. Its large size makes it suitable for a family of two to four people. Also, this device features a stainless steel design that is known to be durable. It follows that your appliance will stand the test of time thanks to its build material.

What's more, there are heavy-duty metal knobs on this appliance. And these knobs feature CoolLit LED Lights, which give the unit appeal when it is turned on. Each French-door can be opened with one hand, or both doors opened at the same time.

Therefore, this design will serve useful, whether it's to take a peek at what's cooking or bring out your food. There is also a range of colors to choose from, and these colors include Graphite Gray, Stainless Steel, Black, Cobalt Blue, Apple Red, White, and Burgundy.


So you've thought up a sweet recipe and would like to try it on this appliance? Then you most certainly can. The reason is, there are eleven high-performance cooking modes on this machine. These modes allow you to cook different foods using various methods.

Accordingly, the cooking modes include convection bake, two-element bake, convection roast, TruConvec™ Convection Cook, and convection broil. Other modes are high broil, medium broil, low broil, convection defrost, convection dehydrate, and proof.

Let's take the device's Timed Bake function; for instance, this function lets you set the oven to start cooking from a particular time. The timer can be set to begin cooking even a day later, and it'll also shut off automatically once cooking is done. Thus, this feature makes cooking easy and more enjoyable.


The high performance of the VDOF730 can be tied to its Patented Vari-Speed Dual Flow Convection System. The unit's manufacturer claims that this system has the largest convection fan blade in the industry. Also, the 8 1/2" two-speed fan turns in two directions, which provides excellent airflow. Thus, you get meals that have been nicely cooked within a limited amount of time.

Furthermore, the unit uses a TruConvec Convection Cooking. The latter is an air circulation system used by a good number of Viking convection ovens. This system employs convection element in the oven's rear, as well as, fan-forced air.

There's also the unit's Rapid Ready Preheat System. This system ensures that you spend less time waiting for the oven to be warm enough for cooking. Hence, you get to cook faster and spend less time in the kitchen. The Gourmet-Glo Infrared Broiler is another feature. It helps to lock in the savory juices of your meal, which is useful if you're cooking fish or meat.

Price and Reviews

The Viking 30 double electric French-door oven (VDOF730) sells for about $8,000. The unit is priced slightly lower than its higher variant, the VDOF7301SS. The price of the latter is $8,439. On the other hand, the reviews of previous buyers of this unit show that the VDOF730 cooks fast. It was also applauded for its versatility and ease of usage.

Buy Now: B00JKN290C Buy Now: B00JKN290C


The Viking 30 double electric French-door oven (VDOF730) is a good buy if you're looking for a reliable oven. It sports a large size, high-end technology, and can cook different meals. Therefore, this is a unit you can use daily or save for that important event. Who knows, it'll serve you well when you least expect.