Admit it, the thought of why wall ovens are so expensive has crossed your mind at one time or the other. A lot of people can say the same! These appliances don't cost a couple of bucks, given that you have to dish out between $5,000 to $15,000 to get a good one. And given that you'll be spending your hard-earned money to acquire them, it's only reasonable to know why you'll be paying so much for this appliance.

On the other hand, a better understanding of what you'll be paying for a wall oven can be gotten by checking out the units we've reviewed. There are the American-Range Legacy Series 30 In. Stainless Steel Gas Wall Ovens, The Viking 7 Series VSOF730 French Door Oven, and the GE Monogram 30" Wall Oven wifi Connect ZET9050SHSS.

Now that you know how much wall ovens cost, here are some reasons why these devices have an expensive price tag.

1. Multi-Functions:

A major reason why wall ovens are so overpriced lies in the fact that these machines can be used to bake, broil, fry, and carry out other operations. On the contrary, you may end up paying more when you settle for different devices such as a basic oven, air fryer, instant pot, etc.

Also, the cooking functions offered by these individual units can be performed by a wall oven. An excellent French door wall oven to consider is the Cafe Professional Series 30" Built-In Convection. This unit has been revamped with high-end features, and it'll cost you $5,892 to purchase it.

2. Installation:

When buying an oven for your home or office, a major factor you need to consider is the type of installation. A wall oven needs to be installed appropriately to get the unit up and running. You don't have to break down walls to install them, but you'll need to fit them into a cabinet.

This installation helps to save the free space that would've been used to place a countertop oven. Moreover, you have fewer parts of dealing with when you opt for an all-in-one cooking appliance. What's more, you don't have to bend your back while cooking, and its easier to handle hot food from the oven, given the height of these units.

3. Luxury Item:

A range oven is a basic solution to meet your daily cooking needs. These ovens cost between $400 to $500. But if you're opting for a wall oven, then you're paying extra to have the luxury. These units have been designed to be pleasing to the eyes and improve your kitchen's decor. A good number of them are stainless steel wall ovens whose build can stand the test of time. They are also smart units that can be controlled using Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

Therefore, if you hold your cooking space in high esteem and have taken time to set it up, it's only needful to have a unit of this nature in place. A wall oven whose sleek look and durability you'll come to admire is the Viking 7 Series; VSOF730 French Door Oven. The appliance is available in colors, including White, Cobalt Blue, Apple Red, Burgundy, etc. Its price is $5,900.

4. Lower Supply:

It's worth pointing out that the high price of wall ovens is also due to their low supply. There are fewer manufacturers of these units, given their cost of production. In contrast, range ovens are common, and there are more manufacturers of this type of oven. We'd previously reviewed some of the best French door wall ovens manufacturers.

Are Wall Ovens Better?

Expensive ovens are better since they have been built materials with the highest quality. Hence, they'll last longer. Some features you'll come to appreciate in top-end ovens include the self-clean and steam clean options. These options take out the work of cleaning the oven after each use out of your hands.

These units also use high-end technology to cook your food. Therefore, if you love to cook or make food for large gatherings, it's better to opt for an appliance that makes your work easier and faster. You need a unit that can support large quantities of food and prepare them well. It'll also cook food more evenly and offer you better controls.


Now that you know why wall ovens are expensive and what makes them better, you can confidently get one with high expectations it'll help you cook more efficiently. Therefore, please make a selection from those we've reviewed.